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My Story

 My name is Alyssa Lasater, I am twenty-nine years old from Gardner , Ks. I have been   racing competitively for almost 10 years. I started racing in 2003 after my parents bought a go kart for my older brother to give racing a shot. When my brother was racing I   was on two teams playing competitive softball and basketball. I was an all-around   player, could play any position the coaches asked me to play, I even had a mean drop   ball I could pitch and an awesome base line shot. I was the “go to girl” on both the softball diamond and basketball court. But in 2003 I felt maybe it was time to try being the “go to girl” in another sport. Since my brother had recently started racing karts, I told my parents I wanted to give racing a shot. They gave me a chance allowing me to race on certain nights. My first night out, I was nervous as could be being the only female in my class, but on that very same night, I knew I was going to be successful. At this time I was put in a pickle, I had to give up playing on my competitive sports teams in order to race. After thinking this decision over, I made the decision to give up competitive softball and basketball to start my racing career. It was a hard decision but I don’t regret it at all. After racing for over 9 years, I have overcome many battles of being a female racer in a male dominated sport. I have been picked on and talked down to by male racers who don’t want to see a female racer succeed. I have been threatened, had helmets thrown at me and was even taken out on the track multiple times. But I have not let their anger and resentment influence me to stop doing what I love to do. Racing is my passion, my life. During my career I have had multiple wins and top 5's. I have consistently scored in the top 5 each year.
I am a faith driven competitor not afraid to put a knee down and pray to God for wisdom, strength, courage and safety before each race. He is the light of my life who guides me around the track and in my everyday life. I race not only to be the best competitor I can be but to shine the light of the Lord on and off the track. I want to share God’s word to each and every person I come in contact in with. I have felt for some time now that it is my calling to spread the word of Christ through my racing. Just recently I have had people who I have raced with before contact me needing spiritual advice or guidance during a tough time in their life. After having these people call me asking for advice, it has helped me realize that what I am doing on and off the track is serving the Lord. After recently starting Christ Driven Ministries, I have decided I wanted to join a ministry team called Motor Racing Outreach. I am looking forward to being able to touch more people .
Along with shining the light at the track, I am also a mentor to younger drivers who come in to the sport of kart racing, especially new female kart racers. Those girls look up to me so much. They all come in to the sport just as I did at a young age, scared as can be of the boys we race against, receiving the same negative treatment, just as I did. Not only do I help to encourage them to do their best and to not worry about the boys on the track but I also lean a helping hand on tips, setups and the right line to run at the different tracks. Being a mentor to these young drivers means the world to me, watching them grow in this sport of racing and becoming successful drivers in this sport that is dominated by males puts a smile on my face. I hope to coach, mentor and support my sisters as I have the other younger female drivers I have helped during my career.

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